1100 to 11000 VA UPS

The Solution for:- 

  1.  Switching. 
  2. Storage
  3. Servers and Networking Devices. 
  4. VoIP communication system.
  5. Structured Cabling Systems. 
  6. Control Systems. 
  7. Video Surveillance. 


  • VFI “online double conversion”

High protection and availability.

• Online double conversion technology with sinusoidal waveform, completely filters out all disturbances from / to the mains power supply and ensures maximum protection of the utility.
• Permanent regulation of output voltage and frequency.
• Wide tolerance of the input voltage reduces switchovers to battery mode, prolonging battery life.

Simple to install.

• No configuration necessary on first startup.
• Space and time saving ‘tower-to-rack’ conversion mode.
• IEC input and output connections (1100-3300 VA) or terminal input and output connections with built-in magnetothermal input switch (5000-11000 VA).
• Compact footprint (tower mode).
• Compact rack enclosure saving valuable cabinet rack space

Easy to use.

• Clear and uncluttered LCD interface, with buzzers that immediately indicate the operating status of the UPS, even for less specialist users.
• Wide range of communication protocols for integration into LAN networks or Building Management Systems (BMS).
• Load segmentation function to prioritize loads and manage critical situations.
• EPO (Emergency Power Off).
• RS232 advanced connection for the management of power supply and local/remote shutdown of the applications.

Meets practical needs

• Modular battery extension (EBM) to meet all back-up time requirements, even after installation.
• Possibility of 1+1 parallel redundant configuration to maximise the availability of critical utilities, even in the event of a module breakdown (5000-11000 VA).