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We provide

Highly Secure Services

Cyber Security and Strategic Consulting

Only a good hacker can build an operating cyber security strategy. Imagine a gaggle of excellent hackers developing a strategy for your company.

Annual Security Program

If you are the one who is very involved regarding the security of your application and your clients' data, this is the one for you.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Diagnosis is the key to seek out the foundation of the matter, curiously we penetrate into the system and find those vulnerabilities like real hackers.

Server Hardening

When you keep the gold a.k.a data in the server, we make sure the shell is more durable. We've all that you simply need to harden your servers.

At Languard

Languard was established to be one of the leading Cybersecurity companies. We were supported by a solid professional team in Cybersecurity with a track record of hacking and solving security problems throughout the world. We developed on the internet by not allowing hackers into our hard-working client system.
Our team consistently studies, improves, adapts and is involved with clients to build innovative solutions for Cybersecurity problems. We are Led by passion; our team and clients have taken our company to a respectful position.

The journey of our company has taught us a lot. In that case, “accepting our vulnerability” appears as the most interesting lesson to be brought forward throughout our ride.
Today, we have received their vulnerability and a vibrant hacker group to ensure our clients don’t experience the same thing anymore. The difference between accepting risks and removing them makes us what we are today.




Our consistent protocols make way for a deep and agile analysis developed from experiences.


Figuring out is the key. Strong diagnosis is required to predict the possible outcomes. It gets even better with professional hackers on-board. We've them, and they're too good at penetrating into systems.


Yes, hacking is the right way to go about it. Our professional team of hackers go hard-core into the system and hack every single loop-holes available in the system. Adrenaline rush is fun.


Diagnosis and hacking might sound cool, but putting it into layman's language is equally important. Our report makers takes care of building a report that pitches the idea and problems associated.