New era of truly smart security

Powered by data and intelligence, Our Smart Security solutions enable seamless integration of world-leading AI technologies. Combining computer vision, voice recognition, and voice print recognition with industry applications, Our AI Solutions provides a safe, reliable platform for smart cities, smart finance, smart retail and more.
Combat growing security threats

Security First – our facial recognition technology to combat growing security threats. integrate body worn cameras with cutting edge facial recognition technology.

Safeguards ultra large scale events
Thanks to the capability of its world-leading algorithm, we provides technical services for numerous international and national conferences and activities.
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World-leading facial recognition technology and automatic warning feature, public security sub-bureaus and railway police in various regions were able to crack down on crimes.

Innovative practice

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To make cities safer and smarter, YITU proposes an urban public safety solution that involves multiple scenarios after analyzing practical problems related to public safety. The solution capitalizes on YITU’s outstanding capabilities to operate and manage cities of hundreds of millions of residents in a smart way. The value of data is cashed in various scenarios, such as building a safe city, facilitating urban life, and boosting commerce. The YITU smart security system has been installed in commercial buildings of all kinds.

Safety of Large-scale Activities

Security is a huge challenge in high-density public places such as large-scale exhibitions and concerts, as the site is huge, with lots of entrances and exits, complicated visitor mix, and frequent people flow. YITU’s AI system can operate stably and reliably even under extremely complex conditions, and its advanced precise identification and data intelligence can safeguard even ultra-large-scale activities.